It is finally Muichiro’s moment in the sun. Actually, strike that. It’s Muichiro’s moment in the mist! The young mist Hashira relentlessly fights the top demon, Gyokko, and the two simultaneously engage in a verbal battle, potty-mouthing each other. It was both slightly annoying and yet somehow hilarious. Annoying because it’s supposed to be a tense life-and-death scenario, and they are saying things like “you look like a latrine bug” to each other. Hilarious for the same reason. And Gyokko is such a chatty cat; it’s like Tanjiro’s talkative spirit entered his body in this edition.

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Titled “Mist Hashira Muichiro Tokito”, the green-haired slayer is the primary focus of episode 9 of Swordsmith Village Arc. The flashbacks in this edition are minimal and it is laden with some impressive animated battle sequences. I know I’ve been whining about Kanroji’s “no show” in the last few episodes, so it was definitely exciting to finally see her make a flashy entry, with her shiny peculiar pink sword and exuberant cheery attitude.

While Episode nine’s pace is on the slower side, it packs in a significant amount of progress in the plot and gives viewers an update on both battles unfolding at the village – Tokito versus Gyokko, and the kids versus the horrifying Hantengu. Remember – Hantengu is a Rank 4 Upper Moon Demon and is currently in his strongest form yet, an intimidating and terrifying Hydra-like dragon with multiple heads. Can Tanjiro and the squad survive this? The suspense continues!

By the way, this edition had the cutest post-credits scene. Zenitsu and Inosuke make an appearance and complain about how their screen-time has been reduced in Swordsmith Village. Fair complaint, boys, absolutely fair! Fans miss them too. Maybe we’ll get to see them eventually?

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